About the Tough Cookies Blog

Life can be hard, but it’s also sweet. My hopes are that the Tough Cookies Blog will grow into a community of people who are resiliently optimistic in the face of life’s struggles. Together, I think we can bring hope, happiness and peace to those around us.

Here’s what this blog is about:

  • Eating well (on the YUM! scale and for nutrition)
  • Actively enjoying life through exercise and social activities
  • The ULTIMATE power of good friends, family, and love
  • The joy of entertaining and cooking for others
  • Self-acceptance, balance and overall health
  • Empowering others to be their best selves
  • Traveling to experience new cultures and gain a broader perspective of life.

About Me

BlairMy name is Tiffany Blair Casey. I’m a truth-seeking Christian, peace-loving feminist who’s a flawed human being just like everyone else. I like chocolate, wine and the great outdoors. I’m married to my college sweetheart. We met in creative writing class 10 years ago. (No kids yet, but we have two cats — Jack and Milo– who are spoiled rotten). I’m a strong, opinionated woman, but I don’t expect life to be perfect. When things get tough, I believe in leaning into the struggle, to let life teach me how I can improve.


I believe…

Interfaith and intercultural dialogues have the power to bring our communities together for greater solidarity and peace.