Cucumber and Mint Vodka – Homemade Infusion Recipe

I’ve recently been introduced to the idea of “health-conscious boozing.” It’s a bit of an oxymoron, but nonetheless, finding low-calorie cocktails is a very real challenge. Vodka and water with lime has been my low-cal drink of choice for the summer, but when it comes to flavor, the vodka water leaves MUCH to be desired. I needed a refreshing poolside drink that would be delicious, crisp and low in calories. I’ve seen cucumber-infused water, so I decided to take that to the next step with a homemade infusion of cucumber and mint vodka. It’s a quick, easy recipe, and it was a huge hit at my last pool party.

How to Make Cucumber and Mint Vodka

Cucumber_Vodka1You’ll need

A mason jar

Coffee filters

One fifth of vodka

2 cucumbers

2 sprigs of Mint (or a whole package)


Peel and chop cucumbers with  the seeds remaining. Add the cucumbers to the mason jar in handfuls. In between handfuls of cucumbers, layer the mint leaves.  You can use more or less mint depending on your preferences. When the jar is full, pour in the vodka. Allow the vodka to seep for at least three days at room temperature.

After three days, taste the vodka to test the flavor levels. Three days was more than enough to create a sweet, crisp taste that I loved, but you may want something more potent.

If the cucumber and mint vodka is to your liking, strain the contents of the mason jar into a separate cup. You can use a slotted spoon or a mesh sifter. Don’t worry about getting all of the little pieces out right now.

Once the liquid has been removed from the mason jar, dispose of the cucumber and mint and rinse the jar. Using a rubber band (or a hair tie) secure a coffee filter around the edge of the mason jar. Position the filter so that it creates the deepest pocket possible within the jar. (This will make the straining process a lot faster.)

In increments, pour the vodka through the coffee filter and back into the mason jar. When you’re done, put the mason jar of mint and cucumber vodka in the freezer for storage. You can also mix a drink right away simply by adding water and ice.

TIP: Make mint ice cubes to add flavor to a drink during a hot day. Simply place mint leaves in ice cube molds, cover with water, and freeze. It’s a simple touch that goes a long way at parties.

IMG_2835 (3)

Cucumber & Mint Lemonade Martini

1:1 lemon juice & simple syrup

cucumber and mint vodka

Shake, pour, and garnish with a cucumber. Perfect for those who LOVE sweet drinks. (Not a low-calorie option, unfortunately.)






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